How can I help you?



Email Marketing

When nobody else was doing any email marketing, I was doing it. Now everyone is doing email marketing, but few are doing it well. Let me help you with the right mix of email newsletters, announcements, updates, and coupons.


Email Responders (and Marketing Automation)

Sign-up? Get an email. Upcoming birthday or anniversary? Get an email. Click on a link to read a whitepaper or view a promotion? Get an email. Put a bunch of items in your "cart" and then abandon them at check-out? You guessed it.


Website Updates

I find that websites usually have the requisite info, but need to be better formatted and designed to help customers understand what you offer. Once updated, I will post news, updates, and events (as well as blog) on your behalf.


SEO and SEM (Inbound Web Marketing)

Page title: 60 characters. Page description: 160 characters. Also, no more than 10 keyword phrases. In the age of search, you better realize that you must get to the main point fast. And make sure you differentiate from others!


Text Marketing

Last minute alerts? Special event reminders? Great offers or deals? Breakthrough the noise with a text message! Send a text message with or without a link or graphic; you will be surprised how much you can say in 160 characters.

Social Media

Posting on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more take time and effort. The reach is incredible, but you must make sure social media posts are strategic and engaging while also supporting overall web communications.


Social Media Advertising too

Sometimes you need to break through. Thus, having a modest budget for targetted ads will help get the word out. There is no faster way to communicate with existing and potential customers who indicate an interest in your offerings.


Creative Partners

We realize great communications often have great looking branding, photos, video, designs, logos, illustrations, and so on. At some point, you may need help. I have have relationships with some of the best creative minds around.


Ensuring Success (and ROI)

It is hard to justify the cost of professional photos and videos if you only use them one time. However, if you are using the same photos and videos over and over on websites, emails, and social media posts, there is no better ROI.

Keyword Buying

Wanting to send traffic to a website? Looking at buying keyword phrases that are search terms for your products or services? We research not just the most popular, but the most ideal keyword phrases for your business or organization.